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“As a tool that demystifies money, the book aims to strengthen financial engagements with a strong foundation through knowledge, purpose and ultimately financial well being.” Tladi Ditshego, Chairperson: Merchant West and Utho Capital

WINNING THE MONEY GAME is a story about Mfundo Mbatha, an ambitious young person who has just completed his schooling. His greatest desire is to be wealthy and successful like his grandparents.

During his visit to his grandparents’ beautiful mansion, Mkhulu and Gogo Mbatha have insightful conversations with him about their relationship with money and how they attained their financial success. As a retired school teacher, Mkhulu believes there is a missing “R” education. As Mkhulu shares this wisdom, Mfundo discovers that there is a lot more to his grandparents’ success than what meets the eye.

About The Speaker

The Author Of WTMG Mlamuli Mbambo.​

Mlamuli Mbambo is the founder of Money Fundi which does financial education training, coaching, and storytelling to enable individuals to change their financial destinies.

During his mid-20s, fate disturbed his career as a business analyst. Even though, he has a Bcom Economics & Finance degree and worked in the headquarters of one of the big four banks in South Africa, he was not equipped to manage his personal finances in the new situation he found himself in. During the odyssey of climbing out of his financial challenges, he learned the financial psychology, mindset, rules, and tools to win the money game and changed his financial destiny.

Is your financial psychology and mindset giving you the financial outcomes you desire? Do you know the rules of money? Do you have the right financial tools? Where is your financial destiny headed?

“When the shadow of a tree is bent, straighten the tree, not the shadow.”
– African Proverb